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Unrivalled support for your learners

At Onboard Maritime, we recognise the critical role of well-prepared, trained, and educated shipping professionals for the efficient running of the world economy.

We are dedicated to educating cadets through our Cadet Development Programme. Our Cadet Development Programme offers a comprehensive training pathway for aspiring Deck and Marine Engineering officers.

With a current cohort of over 650 cadets from across the UK and internationally, we prioritise their growth by providing extensive training and mentorship opportunities.

Enhanced Monitoring
and Reporting 

Keeping track of the progress of cadets through each phase of training can be a complex and time consuming process. We facilitate valuable insights from our cadet engagement, which highlight those progressing well and others who may require further support.  Your account manager prepares regular reports on their engagement, activity and progress. 

Dedicated account manager

Regular activity and engagement reports

Identify high performing cadets and those requiring further support


Preparing Your Cadets
for Success 

Our Cadet Development Programme is available to cadets from their first day at college, through their sea training until they get their first certificate of competency. 

Their learning portal is customised to reflect your brand and values. This provides a consistent communication platform throughout the cadet's training. This also helps to promote a positive relationship between you and your cadets and has been shown to improve communication response times. 

‘White label’ learning portal accessed by cadets

Custom content included e.g. Company specific induction modules and information about joining a ship for the first time

Enhanced communication mediums embedded within the learning portal

Maximise Learning Opportunities at Sea and On Shore 

We are extremely proud of the high quality of our content and materials that we make available to cadets to support them through every aspect of their training programme.


Designed and developed in-house by our team of maritime experts with qualified teaching and academic experience, we ensure that our content is relevant, up-to-date and aligned with the training phase the cadet is currently undertaking. 

By providing structured programmes to support academic studies in college, completion of the training record book when at sea and preparation for professional exams, we ensure the cadet has access to support in college, at sea and at home.  

Digital content mapped to STCW Operational and Management tables

Materials designed to engage cadets and stimulate interest through use of videos, 3D models, animations, worked examples and explanations

Training Record Book guidance and progress tracker


An evaluation of our
Cadet Development Programme

The Cadet Development Programme is available to cadets from Phase 1 of their training until they gain their first Certificate of Competency.

The programme is international and aligned to STCW tables allowing it to be adapted to cadet programmes in any country.

The programme has demonstrated that it encourages independent learning, develops knowledge and understanding and supports learning at sea and ashore.

Presently the Cadet Development Programme is currently being deliver in:

United Kingdom

Trinidad and Tobago


South Africa

Your Cadet Development Learning Partner 

Our Cadet Development Programme has a proven track record of delivering value to Training Providers and enhancing the learning experience of cadets resulting in successful outcomes.  

The materials and support are aligned to STCW standards which has meant that the programme has been adapted to provide support to cadets and training providers in countries including India, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


Our programme and materials are available to all disciplines, deck engineering and ETO, giving Training Providers oversight on the progress of their cadets through their ‘Dashboard’, regardless of their country of study or discipline they are following. 

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