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Your company is unique.
Your training should be too. 

Improving retention, identifying talent, succession planning, upskilling and demonstrating compliance with regulatory body requirements are some of the considerations for a Shipping Company training department. 


Content of courses and programmes should reflect your company values, competency framework and the challenges your crew are facing across your fleet. 


Choose Onboard Maritime as your Digital Learning Partner and develop training that makes a difference. 

Investing in the Future 

Our cadet development programme has proven to increase motivation and develop a greater level of knowledge and understanding in cadets.   

This allows a company to embed its values and practices into every stage of the cadet training programme resulting in greater retention and more successful outcomes.

Advanced tracking, reporting, and monitoring of cadets at every stage of training


Online / offline learning materials and guidance to support the completion of academic studies and training record book

Instructor support and tutorials until successful completion of first certificate of competency

Developing Talent and Succession Planning 

Study leave programmes to enable your crew to develop their skills and gain their next certificate of competency are expensive. Our flexible certificate of competency examination preparation courses mean you can upskill your crew without the costs involved with traditional study routes. 

Continuous Professional Development is essential to address skill gaps and to comply with Flag State and charterers' training requirements. We take an agile approach to our course development which means that you can build a portfolio of courses that meet your business needs within a short period of time. 

Cost savings on college / accommodation / course fees

Flexibility, start a course at any time

Structured online course materials with tutor support, resulting in high success rates

CPD Microlearning modules delivered online and aligned to your training and analysis needs


Create Your Own Pathway 

Training is an investment, and it should result in a return on investment. That is why we have created specific digital career pathways that will allow you to deliver training with specific objectives. 

As we create and deliver our own materials we can work with you to create pathways aligned to specific company objectives or competencies.   

Some of the pathways we have created include: 

Leadership and Management for Junior Officers

Preparation for Senior Management on Vessels

Ship-to-Shore Transition

Hazard Perception and Risk Assessment

An evaluation of our
Cadet Development Programme

The Cadet Development Programme is available to cadets from Phase 1 of their training until they gain their first Certificate of Competency.

The programme is international and aligned to STCW tables allowing it to be adapted to cadet programmes in any country.

The programme has demonstrated that it encourages independent learning, develops knowledge and understanding and supports learning at sea and ashore.

Presently the Cadet Development Programme is currently being deliver in:

United Kingdom

Trinidad and Tobago


South Africa

Your Digital Learning Partner 

Our team consists of Master Mariners and Chief Engineers, along with academic and instructional design experts.  

As your Digital Learning Partner, we can create effective and engaging content, courses and programmes that align with your organisation's requirements. 

Our core values of integrity and transparency are reflected in the quality of our work and the testimonials we receive from our clients.

In-house creative team

Flexibility in delivery. Courses and programmes can be hosted on a ‘white labelled’ learning portal or within an organisation's own learning management system

Adaptive and personalised digital content for your fleet and crew facilitated through the use of digital technology

Content and materials aligned and measured against specific competency-based frameworks

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Contact us to learn how we are saving organisations time and money with our effective and efficient digital learning programmes. 

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