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Retain intellectual property for any materials created on your behalf. 

Work with a dedicated maritime team that understands the industry and course design principles. 

Our agile project approach provides flexibility and rapid delivery of courseware and ensures your involvement and feedback throughout. 

Whether you are developing mandatory training modules, creating new in-house training or refreshing old course materials, the creation of engaging content can be a time-consuming exercise. 

Our experienced team of educational experts, maritime professionals and instructional designers can create maritime courseware aligned with your competency framework or academic and regulatory syllabus.

Our understanding of approval processes means that we can assist you from lesson planning to the creation of effective methods of assessment to the design of learning materials:


Engage Learners
Create Content
Build Your Portfolio

Create Content that Matters

We want our materials to trigger an interest in learners. This is essential to create and develop knowledge, understanding or take the first steps to behavioural change.

We follow a systematic process to ensure we understand what the client wants to achieve from a training intervention prior to deciding the appropriate content to create and the method of delivery. 

The design process






Our in-house team then creates specific models and interactions designed to engage the learner and achieve the learning objectives. 3D models are effective in developing visual spatial skills and are exceptionally useful for complex equipment or processes. 

Ready for the Next Level in Training? Game On! 

Serious gaming or gamification has been shown to improve motivation and engagement and allow a safe environment for the development of skills. 

Our games design and games programmers have developed a ‘Virtual Training Ship’ which can be adapted to create different ‘missions’ or learning objectives for fleet and crew training purposes. 

This has been shown to be a very effective method of explaining complex procedures and equipment, as well as hazard perception and risk assessment.   

Once downloaded onto a server the ‘Virtual Training Ship’ is available offline.

No additional hardware required. Players can use a games console keypad

Missions can be created to reflect specific ship procedures or learning objectives

Spaces can be modelled to represent a ‘digital twin’ of ships or areas within a ship

Digital twins can be used to provide a safe and realistic environment for personnel to learn and practice, reducing the risks associated with on-the-job training

Gain an insight into our Virtual Training Ship

Your Content Development Partner 

As your content development partner we will work with you to ensure you achieve your training objectives on time and on budget. 

With our vast experience in curriculum development for STCW programmes along with short courses, e-learning and in-house training we have a blend of subject matter experts, creative talent and instructional design that can take your vision to reality. 

Contact us to have a chat about how we can help you. 

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