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Onboard Maritime was launched in January 2020 by its founder, Angus Ferguson.

The aim is a simple one, to make quality learning accessible to maritime professionals, no matter where they live or work in the world.

This is achieved by taking advantage of ever improving digital technologies, creating effective and engaging courses and providing excellent support to our increasing portfolio of clients.

Angus leads the team of associates which combines current seagoing practice with academic experience and digital course creation expertise. He gained his Master Mariner Certificate of Competency, before moving into maritime education. In 2019, the second edition of ‘Seamanship Notes’ was published, a popular study guide written by Angus to help students studying towards their MCA professional exams.

Onboard Maritime was established as a result of the work Angus has done in the area of digital education. There are presently inefficiencies in the current training programmes and seafarers who live away from a maritime college face additional challenges in terms of committing the time and expense of attending a course in a physical location.

Digital education programmes can result in cost savings for both organisations and students and increase accessibility and opportunities.

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Onboard Maritime provides courses for individual maritime professionals designed around your time, your education needs and your lifestyle.

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We provide online programme management facilities for organisations. The materials we create are SCORM compliant so they can sit within a third-part learning management system. To find out more, email below.

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"Although I gained a lot of useful experience at sea I always really enjoyed the college phases of the course!  I learned that success and passing examinations is about organisation and perseverance as much as natural ability.

I was inspired by some great lecturers and when the opportunity arose to join Glasgow College of Nautical Studies as it was then, I jumped at the chance."


"As a lecturer you really learn and develop a depth of knowledge about a subject.

I worked with some fantastic students who would have been excellent in a role at sea but who struggled with the academic element due to their location, time or finances.  A number left the industry having completed 90% of the course but could not commit time and money for travel and accommodation to attend a college."


"My inspiration for Onboard Maritime came from knowing that the industry was losing out on talented individuals facing barriers to their progression.  Barriers can be where they live, family, caring commitments or unpredictable work patterns.  All of these situations mean attending an educational institute for a period of study is impractical.

With technology and a strong understanding of how people learn online, Onboard Maritime will help you gain the preparatory knowledge in a location and at a time that suits you."

- Angus, Onboard Maritime Instructor


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